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‘Nduja in Orba (Traditional Casing)

$120.00 $96.00

Our staple ‘Nduja recipe stuffed into a traditional “Orba” casing, and aged for a minimum of 4 months before packaging.

Approx 3 to 4 lbs

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Cacciatorini Piccanti (Spicy Hunters Sausage)


Cacciatorini Piccanti is made with Berkshire Picnic shoulder and  hand selected Calabrian Chili’s.  This sausage really brings the heat!
3- (6oz) chubs

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An American classic, and our perfect pizza style meat. It is a 100% dry aged product, this sets ours apart from the others. Seasoned with cayenne peppers, fennel seeds, and imported paprika.

You can taste the difference…

Total approx 2 lbs

​2 pieces

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Salsiccia Secca Piccante


Salsiccia Secca Piccante- 2 Packs of Calabrian style hot dry sausage.

Great as a quick snack or to complement you next charcuterie plate.

Actual weights vary, but total weight will be approximately 18oz.

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$46.00 $42.00

Sopressata – Available in hot or dolce (sweet).
Sold in packages of 3 – (6oz) chubs

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Sopressata Calabrese Piccante in “Crespone”


Our spicy soppressata recipe stuffed into a traditional “crespone” natural casingThe real deal.

Approx 1.5lbs

​2 pieces