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This is our signature product after which ‘Nduja Artisans was named.
It is a spicy, spreadable salami originating from Calabria. Pork, peppers, and sea salt…
Delicious simplicity.

Sold As: 3 Seperate Individually Wrapped 6 oz. Packages of ‘Nduja Spreadable.

The most famous and versatile Calabrian salami.

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‘Nduja in Orba (Traditional Casing)

$120.00 $96.00

Our staple ‘Nduja recipe stuffed into a traditional “Orba” casing, and aged for a minimum of 4 months before packaging.

Approx 3 to 4 lbs

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Cremosa Tartufata – Spreadable Truffle Salami


Spreadable black truffle salami!
Seasoned with black truffle salt, minced black truffles, and sweet Calabrian peppers.

order consists of two – 4.5oz chubs