Bresaola (American Waygu Beef)

Bresaola (American Waygu Beef)


2019 sofi™ Bronze winner.  Similar to prosciutto, but made with Wagyu beef. Its rubbed with sea salt, black pepper, juniper, fennel pollen and fresh herbs. Slice super thin and enjoy directly out of the package.  Ages 120 days average.

​Approx 1.5 lbs or greater

**Whole Piece

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2019 sofi™ Bronze winner, this was considered by the Specialty Food Association as the third best tasting artisan meat of any kind sold in America. (Don’t worry we won our second Gold in a row that year, too!) Bresaola an Italian word for air dried beef. This is made similarly to prosciutto, just with a whole muscle of beef that is slowly aged with precision to coax the moisture out till it is evenly dried enough to no longer require refrigeration to be safely eaten. We use the eye of round. Normally this is a very lean cut, which has the potential of drying out, and becoming rock hard. We avoid that by sourcing perfectly marbled Wagyu beef, which adds just the right amount of interlaced fat to keep the lean muscle moist, without overwhelming the palate with beef fat. So what makes ours better than any other artisan bresaola you may find? Ours is bigger. Seems too simple, but that means ours takes more time, more precision, but also coaxes more flavor from the muscle. Lastly, when it comes to animals that have not been growth promoted (through the use of antibiotics, etc), the larger the animal, the more flavor deep in the muscle. So, yeah in this case, size does matter! Its rubbed with sea salt, black pepper, juniper, fennel pollen and fresh herbs. Ages 120 days average.

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